Soul Portraits

A handpainted vision of your Soul's progress as shown by Spirit.

Customer Testimonials

All I can say is AMAZING! I only met Mary Ann briefly when I asked her if she could do my soul painting, and she couldn't have known anything about me or Kwan yin! I don't know how she does it but definitely she has a tremendous gift! I am learning so much about myself from the painting. It's very comforting to know that I'm supported and getting the validation through the soul painting. I am so grateful for Mary Ann's work of art. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Akiko, CA


Mary Ann painted a soul painting for me in September 2014 - it  is of a fairy seeing her reflection in a pond.  It was one of the first ones she painted.  It is just stunningly beautiful, and so very accurate of where I was (and still am to some degree) on my spiritual path.  Mary Ann asks in meditation for guidance when she is starting a new soul painting.  She receives such spot on information to incorporate in her paintings, that you simply must pay attention and take heed of the message given.  The messages and visions have such clarity that if she questions where to place something on the painting, she will be bombarded with that image placed exactly where spirit wants it.  Simply put, it is just amazing and heart and soul felt.  Mary Ann also receives  messages  from spirit that she presents along with her soul paintings.  She completed a couple of soul paintings for friends of mine and she didn't know, meet, or talk to them - just an e-mail  requesting a soul painting.  Their soul paintings are unique just to them (equally as beautiful as mine) and the written message from spirit individually their message. If you have a soul painting done by Mary Ann, you will be thrilled with the painting and message you receive.  Thank you Mary Ann for the beautiful soul painting and message from spirit.  I will treasure it always.

Nancy, CA

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