Soul Portraits

A handpainted vision of your Soul's progress as shown by Spirit.

Customer Testimonials

I have known Mary Ann for some time now.   She did a Soul Painting for me and when I viewed it, I felt it touch my Soul.  It confirmed the way I was living my life.  What really blew me away was she did one for my dog.  The painting showed both Spiritual and Physical things in his life which she couldn’t have known.  About 30 years ago I had a Spirit Guide drawing by a wonderful artist and I love it.  Mary Ann’s work is totally different from any I have encountered.  I have seen the work she has done for others without prior knowledge of them and have been blown away by the messages and confirmations in their Paintings.  I will never forget one that had a turkey in it.  Everything in the Painting I'd seen related to the client, but the turkey.  I spoke to that client and she informed me she had a wild turkey hanging out in her front yard.

I have recommended many people to Mary Ann and they all love her work.  Her Soul Paintings are from Spirit and filled with Truth.

Joseph, CA


I did not know Mary at all..never even met her but she was able to tap into my spirit soul and create a very accurate painting.  I don't completely understand  everything it's telling me yet but it's a beautiful painting and message. I love it and would highly recommend  Mary if you are considering a soul painting.

Gina, CA


Having Mary Ann create a soul painting for me was very touching and inspirational.  Her artistry is unique and beautiful. She combined my current life, my past lives and my potential for this life all in one.  What she captured in water color and gave to me in written form was motivational, insightful and resonated with my soul.  I cherish my soul portrait!

Janice, CA